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Select International
has built a team of dedicated professionals whose sole aim is to ensure customer satisfaction.

Coming from a wide range of cultural and national backgrounds our people command a full range of linguistic skills. With the core business based in Asia, and the main aim to supply quality products from Asian suppliers, our linguistic skills are vitally important. From Thai to Chinese, our expatriate British management employ only the best, highly qualified people in customer services with seven Asian and European languages spoken and understood.

The ability to communicate is always important as is the experience of dealing with many different sources and suppliers. Select have been operating since 2001 and in this time the company has learnt that trading success is based on good communication.

The Select team are here to ensure you, the customer, is given a top quality service combined with cost effective solutions to the sourcing of products.



Precise Communication



Typical is Lui Yu, from Shanghai. She studied linguistics to the highest level and is now one of the team leaders in the offices in this major city. An important aspect of dealing in the Chinese sector is to be able to work with the variety of dialects in the country. In this sense Ms Yu offers the perfect answer, being able to speak four regional languages, Cantonese, Mandarin as well as fluent English and German.  She has been with Select since graduation, so she has developed a good understanding of the requirements of procurement and sourcing the best suppliers.

Select International staff are proud to be a part of this exciting and evolving company “ We enjoy our work, and  look forward each day to helping our customers from overseas” said Lui in a recent team discussion about the company.