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About Select International




Company Profile



Established over ten years ago, Select International is a company  staffed with seasoned professionals with industry experience in manufacturing, procurement, design & logistics.

Core team members have united together in Asia over the past decade to assist and support clients with strategic source and supply programmes, innovative design, creative packaging and logistics solutions.

The experience and contacts gained has placed Select International Ltd in the unique position of being able to provide liason service to factories consumers and government departments.

Our primary aim is to provide the customer with the most competitively priced product and services available whilst maintaining exacting standards.

This is acheived by carefully selecting our suppliers and stocking our own range of products. We also work with leading manufacturers to produce and supply own branded products for international markets.

Our logistics partners in the region are global players with worldwide shipping and tracking networks. Ensuring the safety and timely delivery of your order.

Select International Ltd is the preferred partner of choice for leaders in wholesale & retail sectors throughout North America and Europe. We are dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction by empowering our people to continuously improve the quality, cost and service we offer to our customers.


Our Team


The Select International team is a combination of seasoned European expatriates and local Thai and Chinese combining the business, social and lingustic skills of Asia and Europe.

Our diverse combination of nationalities gives us the unique ability to communicate and clearly understand both the language and social requirments in a multitude of Asian and European countries.

Collectivly we have the ability not just to speak in seven European and Asian languages, but also the ability to understand the culture and therefore the correct and most effectve way to deal with any given situation. Experience has shown us that 90% of problems can be avoided by a clear a precise understanding of both language and social expectations.

With our unique combination of technical expertise and social understanding we can ensure that your product is efficently sourced, manged and deivered on time and on budget.



Our Team